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"Entertained, informed, amused and calmed" by Cherry Cookson

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Cherry Cookson is a multi award-winning producer/director who was a staff director in the BBC Radio Drama Department for many years and now works freelance producing plays and audiobooks.

I love audio because it is by far the most personal and rewarding one to one media experience. You can select whether you want to be down depending on your immediate needs. It is wonderfully mobile (you can do it anywhere!) and when you are tired there is nothing better than being read to.

I feel a bit like one of the pioneers of unabridged audiobook recordings having worked in the 1980s (under a pseudonym as I was a BBC staff producer) for Cover To Cover who were one of the first companies to record books unabridged.

This ranged from Sean Bean reading a kids' football story (very short easy sentences) to Proust's La Recherche Du Temps Perdu (where some of the sentences were three pages long!).

The huge surge in the popularity of audiobooks is, I am sure, partly down to the fact that our increasingly technological age has replaced some real-life interactions.

So listening to an audiobook provides a new way for people to engage in life, in the way they used to before computers were such a huge force.

The way we work is changing, with many people working freelance at home as opposed to in a more sociable office environment, so having someone reading to you can be a great source of comfort and company.


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